Natures Secret

“A very real threat from emerging viruses does exist and must be taking with the utmost seriousness Humisol, an age old substance derived from nature’s being successfully used to treat all kinds of viruses."
Dr Howard Peiper, Author of bestselling book,
Viral Immunity with Humic Acid

Humisol TM

          Called the "missing link" to optimum health and nutrition by leading scientists throughout the world, HumisolTM is a health miracle.  Medical studies now show that is has the ability to significantly change your life for the better.  It is so safe, powerful and effective that healers around the world have used it for hundreds of years with amazing results.

          Scientists have discovered a missing link in our food chain, and they have drawn the conclusion that rapidly increasing degenerative diseases worldwide may be directly related to the absence of HumisolTM in the human diet.  Nutritional experts now know that more than vitamins and minerals are required for health, and that HumisolTM is a third party and vitally important nutrient.  This breakthrough discovery is supported by little published and even secret Medical research coming from top institutions around the world, Medical schools, hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceutical labs around the world.

This medical discovery is largely unknown for very good reasons:

          Some of the Medical institutions doing research are in the business of making enormous profits from developing synthetic patented drugs, and they would prefer that you not know about natural solutions.

          Pharmaceutical companies have been rushing to patent synthetic versions of HumisolTM (a natural substance) and dozens of patents have been currently approved.  However they will never to be able to match Mother Nature's handiwork because this substance is far too complex!

          An estimated 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are tiny, isolated, synthetic fractions and cannot even come close to this WHOLE and COMPLETE "missing link" from Mother Nature.

          In agriculture, there are many studies that point to a pattern of serious deficiency of Humisol in commercial livestock.  When the deficiency is alleviated, phenomenal results are achieved, including resistance to disease, increased growth, and improved health.  Similarly, human dietary supplementation and topical use with Humisol is bringing about life changing results for so many.

Here is what you may expect from a consistent long term  plan of dietary supplementation of HumisolTM

  • Increased resistance to colds and flu, infection and disease
  • Cleansing, neutralizing, and removal of toxins
  • Regulates your immune system
  • Helps purge parasites, pathogens and viruses from your body
  • Restoring your body over time to its optimum potential
  • Start feeling better immediately

So what exactly is this miraculous substance?

          HumisolTM, Scientists have most appropriately referred it to as the Anti-Viral Answer.  One of the many reasons for excitement involves the effects Humisol has when dissolved ion water (or combined with body fluids), HumisolTM is the smallest, most complex, most highly refined naturally occurring water soluble substance on Earth.  Tiny amounts remarkably transform the molecular structure of water, making it intensely more active and penetrating.  HumisolTM then assists water in its job of dissolving and transporting.  It helps carry nutrients into the cell and waste products away from the cell, while also helping to neutralize toxins and invaders.

Humisol has the dramatic ability to EVEN PENETRATE deadly ultramicroscopic viruses.

          Viruses are super small and live deep inside the cells of plants, animals and humans.  Viruses even live inside other microscopic disease causing organisms, where they hitch a ride.  Viruses encapsulate themselves within an impenetrable protein barrier where defense mechanisms cannot get to them.  HumisolTM puts a coating around the viruses so the viruses are not able to adhere to a healthy cell, therefore preventing the viruses from reproducing.  The agents for this are called Viral Fusion Inhibitors (through a special proprietary process, HumisolTM is specially treated and sterilized); the viruses are then vulnerable to attack by the immune system.  Yet this is only the beginning, Humisol also has the amazing ability to alert the immune system to the virus or disease invader and to regulate and give strength to the immune system.

          Scientists have determined that to successfully treat many serious diseases, including those caused by viruses, the immune system needs to be controlled selectively.  Amazingly, HumisolTM is able to do this naturally, suppressing certain immune responses, while increasing others, Humisol ability to selectively, inhibit/complement the body's immune response is one of the reasons it has been successful in treating and even curing normal incurable diseases.

          Historically, as documented in the chi8nese Materia Medica pharmacological compendium dating back to the 15th century, a very famous Medical doctor Li Shi Zhen, used the active ingredient contained in HumisolTM as the treatment of infectious ulcerous growth and female hemorrhage diseases.  These treatises showed that this ingredient of Humisol to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and blood coagulating agent.

          More recently, many reports on the beneficial use of HumisolTM for human health and medicine have been published.  Many Medical schools and hospitals in China have engaged in extensive studies on the toxicology and pathological aspects of HumisolTM and their clinical applications.  Hundreds of research papers have now been published nationally in China, and some have appeared in international journals and have been presented at conferences outside of China.

          Research shows that HumisolTM naturally acts as a massive broad spectrum antibiotic and anti-viral medication equal to or even superior to those known and produced by the pharmaceutical industry today.  HumisolTM is an exclusive extract formula.

          Clinical studies show that negative side effects are non-existent when using HumisolTM at the recommended dosage.  No problems or negative side effects have even been reported by any in the scientific literature.  Extensive laboratory, pharmaceutical, and clinical testing has proven absolute SAFETY for human internal and external use.

HumisolTM may help as a preventative and a curative for a broad range of viruses, which include:

  • Bird flu virus
  • Influenza
  • Common cold
  • Gastroenteritis (cruise ship virus)
  • Hantavirus
  • West Nile
  • Herpes
  • Hepatitis
  • AIDS
  • Ebola
  • Dengue
  • Warts (Human papilloma virus
  • SARS
  • Epstein-Barr
  • Yellow Fever
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Hog Cholera

"A year ago I was diagnosed with hepatitis C.  A friend suggested I start taking Humisol.  I was tested six weeks later and the results were negative.  The doctors could not believe that the hepatitis C was gone.  Thank you, thank you"
Gary D
Dallas TX

"Recently I came down with a bad case of influenza.  Normally this leads to severe respiratory distress.  Within forty-eight hours, all my symptoms were gone.  I am very grateful for this products and I will continue to keep Humisol in my house for myself and family members."
Meg C.
Santa Fe, NM

"I started recommending Humisol for my HIV+ patients and I am amazed how fast their virual loads are reduced.  I plan to use this product with my other patients that are diagnosed with Hepatitis, Epstein Barr and other various viral infections."
M Peter's MD
San Jose CA

"I am 64 and have had genital herpes since I was 21.  You cannot count the years and the number of "stuff" I've tried.  The pain with this is excruciating.  Not with Humisol, it is unbelievable, a real God Send.  Truly, month after month it really does work.  I started out with just the Humisol, but now every morning, I take 2 scoops of
Cellular PSP, shake in 8 oz. of water and take 2 Humisol capsules with it.  Fantastic product, I am a lifetime user, no pain.  Truly from my heart, thank you!